Season 1 of LTAS consists of 9 episodes.

It premiered on January 1, 2008.

Plot overview Edit

In A World Called ScratchVille A Man Called Lloviant And His Friend

Aarex Join Awesome Adventures!

Trailer Edit

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Episodes Edit

  1. Pilot
  2. The Extras
  3. Who Let's The James Out
  4. Scratcher TV
  5. The Hat
  6. Origins
  7. The Rusty Show 2
  8. Star Stick
  9. The Blog

Image gallery Edit

Lloviant RAPS! In Episode 1 Pilot
Lloviant dances again in episode 4

Lloviant Was Dancing In Ep4

Lloviant RAPS! In Episode 1 Pilot

Lloviant Raps For The First Time In The Pilot Episode!

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